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[The Griffin company car is en route to the army banquet.]

Kryuger: …As I recall, you haven’t returned to HQ since completing your rookie training.
You did very well by recovering File 7. We gained a lot of valuable information.
The army has decided to take this opportunity to work with us.
Yes, we will have a chance to launch a combined operation with them. We will launch a full counterattack against SF, and perhaps that will directly put an end to this theater of conflict.
As for that doll… you have my condolences as well. I knew her from a long time ago, and I will provide you with the support you need. Apart from that all I can do is wish you well in your operations.
However, you have a more important duty beyond your rescue operation… a PR mission.
Helian should have told you before, but we will be going to a military press conference, where they will be announcing a piece of very important news.
They will be working with a civilian company to test tactical dolls, and conducting an exercise which will be televised to the media.
Yes, you’re right to make that face. That civilian company is us - Griffin PMC.
“The cutting edge that renews the world.” You should remember that line, I trust? Kalina ought to have mentioned it to you when you started out.
It’s just that we’ve been tangling with SF for too long, so those words and our founding principles have been put aside all this time. But I have not forgotten…
And now, it’s time to put an end to these boring days.
The exercise is nominally a demonstration for a media, but the truth is that the army will be providing forces to help us strike back at SF.
You can probably guess that with the army’s help, this won’t take more than 3 days.
I hope you will command the operation on our end. After all, you’re the prime mover behind our anti-SF operations, so you’re the most qualified to speak on that topic.