Story/Normal 8-6 (Part2)/Script

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[The battle ends. Dreamer and Destroyer’s offensive has been halted for the time being.]

M16A1: We’re going to pull out!
I’m going to destroy the gate now!
RO635: ...
M16A1: RO… what’s with you?
RO635: Sorry, M16. I have a very bad feeling about this, I keep thinking there ought to be a better way...
M16A1: Now’s not the time to suddenly be bothered by your conscience! We have a vital mission to accomplish!
I’ll finish my part of the job and you have to finish yours! Do you understand?
RO635: But… there ought to be other routes we can take!

[Persica cuts into the transmission.]

Persica: RO, let M16 go.
Your top priority is bringing File 7 back in one piece.
This is an order from me and Kryuger.
RO635: Eh? Persica-san...
M16A1: Don’t think too much about it, you’ll always have a chance to get your answers.
RO635: ...If that’s what you order.
M16, I’ll take you up on your suggestion. Blow the gate.
M16A1: I was waiting for you to say that.
M4 SOPMOD II: M16...
M16A1: SOP2, back from scouting?
I’m going to blow up that gate. Be a good girl and stay with RO now, got it?
M4 SOPMOD II: Hey, when have I not been a good girl?
Still, M16, are you… really going to be okay?
M16A1: Haha, have you seen a more reliable doll than me?
RO, let’s meet again at home!

[M16 leaves the team and begins moving.]

RO635: Then we’ll be heading out too!
SOP2! Don’t just stand there, keep an eye on my signal!
Get moving, once we move up we’ll be able to meet M16 again!


M16A1: SOP2…
I’m sorry, you understood what I was trying to do...

[Half an hour later.]
[The gate is blown open. RO and SOP2 pass through it successfully.]

M4 SOPMOD II: The gate’s open! RO, let’s go through it!
...Look! The chopper! The chopper’s just in front of us!
Where’s M16? Where is she?
RO635: Get on board first! SOP2, get to the chopper!
M16, we’re past the gate, where are you?
M16A1: …
RO635: M16?
M16! Where are you, answer me!
M16A1: Sorry, RO, there was a little accident...
The explosion just now blocked off my escape route...
RO635: Why...
M4 SOPMOD II: Oi! M16, are you in trouble?
Get to high ground, we’ll save you!
M16A1: No need for that… I’m in a place where neither you or the chopper can reach.
M4 SOPMOD II: How can you not do it!? You’re kidding, right!
RO635: Be quiet, SOP2! Let M16 act on her own!
M16, hide yourself well! The Commander will think of a way to save you!
And Persica-san, I’m sure she’ll-
M16A1: ...Say no more, RO.
Take care of SOP2 and complete your mission.
RO635: M16…
RO635: Is this what you meant when you said… “enjoy the present”?

[M16 does not answer, but simply makes a sign.]
[A perfectly ordinary sign.]

RO635: M16A1…
...Thank you for what you said to me.

[She hears it, and answers with a smile.]
[The chopper slowly draws away, and her form gradually shrinks, until she’s nothing more than a tiny spark.]
[Surrounding by smoke and icy ruins, the spark sinks into Base 0.]

[Will we meet again? I don’t know…]
[I just felt like she was lying from the beginning.]
[She never intended to come back in the first place. Everything she did was to save that person.]
[And she knew, better than we did, what that person meant to her.]
[“... I have my own priorities and I make my own decisions.”]
[“I change my actions depending on the situation, RO. You may not know that…”]
[And indeed, I only realised that too late.]


[Please continue reading the Emergency Missions.]