Story/Normal 8-6 (Part1)/Script

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[10 minutes later. The evacuation route has been established.]

RO635: Commander, the download is complete.
We’ve already begun to pull back. While the withdrawal plan isn’t too reliable, we don’t have any other choice now.

M4 SOPMOD II: RO! This is bad!
The gate along our withdrawal route suddenly closed!

RO635: Damn you, Dreamer! If we have to detour at a time like this...
SOP2, keep an eye on enemy movements. I’ll discuss this with M16!

M16A1: Don’t panic, RO.
I roughly understand the layout of this base. If we blow the gate from the other side, we should have a chance to escape.

RO635: M16, it’s too dangerous to fight now!

M16A1: It’s because it’s too dangerous that I’m going out myself.
Who do you think is the best choice at a time like this?

RO635: Will this… really work?

M16A1: It’s worth a try. However, we’ll have to get there first.

RO635: The Commander’s arranging it.
RO635: The supporting echelons are currently in a pitched battle with the SF ringleader.
They’re doing their best to drive off Dreamer and Destroyer to create an opening through which we can retreat.

M16A1: Excellent. Then the only danger is the one before us.
RO, when the time comes, all you have to do is give the order and I’ll take care of it.

RO635: I understand… then wait for that chance.
Once the Commander beats back those powerful foes for us, we’ll escape immediately!