Story/Normal 8-5 (Part2)/Script

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[During the operation, the sound of drone engines fills the air above the heads of the AR Team as they orbit overhead.]

M16A1: Looks like the last batch, RO. Are you alright?

[RO scratches at her scalp and sighs.]

RO635: The Commander’s done his best to protect us…
But it seems the drones are still above us, judging by the sounds of the engines from outside.
We’re low on ammo too. If there’s another wave of attacks...

M16A1: Hang in there a little longer. Currently, it looks like only three waves of enemies are approaching. It seems the Commander’s already wiped out most of them.

SOP2’s download is almost complete. We’ll be able to evacuate soon.

RO635: SOP2… how’s her digimind’s condition?
While I understand we’re not using external equipment for efficiency’s sake, it’ll still have a negative impact on her neural cloud, right?

M16A1: She’s fine. She’ll be at ease as long as she’s on the team.
SOP2 may go on rampages while on the battlefield, but she’s a very simple girl most of the time.
Her neural cloud is surprisingly pure.

RO635: I like her very much, and… I guess she doesn’t hate me?

M16A1: She told me before that she likes you a lot. You’re both very straightforward. You’ll definitely get along.

RO635: Still, I envy her… I can’t calm down now the way I am...

M16A1: RO, would you believe me if I told you “don’t worry, it’ll be fine?”

RO635: You disregard my orders quite often, but right now… I’m willing to believe you, M16.

M16A1: Haha, looks like you’re catching on fast.

RO635: Yeah… thank you, M16...
RO635: Sorry about what I said earlier… about not wanting you to treat me like M4…
I don’t have much battlefield experience, and it’s true that I can’t always give the right orders...

M16A1: Aw, it’s nothing. You were really cute when you said that...
You really are like M4 when she first started out…

RO635: First started out?

M16A1: When I first met her, she was always rash and impetuous. She’s changed a lot now...

RO635: I find that hard to imagine from the data alone.
I hope she wakes up soon. I want to see her with my own eyes.

M16A1: Haha, well, don’t get your hopes up.
She’s not terribly reliable, and she’ll probably give you a lot of trouble when the time comes.

RO635: That’s impossible. Being able to join the AR Team is a great honor for me.
I want to achieve a victory worth remembering with all of you and become one of the elite who protect Griffin.

M16A1: Haha, are all dolls nowadays so motivated?
But let me remind you first - we can’t save the world.

[RO lowers her head and laughs.]

RO635: That’s fine. I’m prepared to sacrifice myself.

M16A1: ...I never said you couldn’t.

RO635: What?

M16A1: Don’t rely too heavily on us, RO.
You need to grow faster. We’re almost out of time...


M16A1: …!
SOP2, are you all right!?

M4 SOPMOD II: Uuu… I’m fine, I just bumped my head.

M16A1: Whew… looks like the download is complete. It seems your limbs can’t quite keep up when your RAM empties all of a sudden.
Alright, we’ll wait for SOP2 to get her bearings and then we’ll get out of here right away!

RO635: ...M16, what else… do I need?

M16A1: The time for questions is over, RO.

RO635: Eh…?

[M16 pats RO on the back.]

M16A1: We’re dolls, and this is the battlefield. Don’t think too far ahead, and enjoy the present.
There’ll always be someone else who’ll tell you about the rest.