Story/Normal 8-4 (Part2)/Script

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[After the operation ends, the AR Team arrives at the database where File 7 is kept.] [At the same time, File 7 is currently being downloaded.] [..]

RO635: Got it. Now SF’s active defenses won’t be able to find the download location.
Now, all we have to do is wait for SOP2 to finish downloading it...
Speaking of which, how long was I in there, M16?

RO635: ...M16?


RO635: SOP2, where did M16 go?

M16 isn’t around?
Eh… sure looks like it...

RO635: Are you alright, SOP2?

M4 SOPMOD II: I’m… downloading the document… with all my strength...
Don’t have… much RAM… for thinking...

RO635: Sorry, I shouldn’t have disturbed you at a time like this...

M4 SOPMOD II: RO… where’s… M16?

RO635: I was in the network just now, so I don’t know where she is.
Strange… according to my orders, she ought to be standing by inside.

M4 SOPMOD II: RO, could it be… M16 went outside and met with danger?

RO635: Tch… how could I know?
RO635: The Commander didn’t give me any warnings, and Persica-san said she was going to take a nap...
*sighs* I guess I’d better go out myself and take a look...

[RO opens the door to the safehouse and looks around outside.]

RO635: ...Is anyone there?


RO635: …(Movement!)

M16A1: ...

RO635: M16...
What were you doing? Where did you go? I almost raised my gun.

M16A1: *sighs* Didn’t I tell you not to leave the database?

RO635: And didn’t I tell you to stay here and not to stray away from us!?

[M16 goes around RO and enters the database.]

M16A1: *shrugs* I… can’t keep an eye on you 24/7. Sometimes you need to learn how to protect yourself.

RO635: That’s not the point, M16. As the team leader, you ought to listen to my orders.

M16A1: Yes, you are. But I have my own priorities and I make my own decisions.
I change my actions depending on the situation, RO. As a team leader, you have to learn to be flexible.
There’s no way M4A1 wouldn’t understand what I was thinking.

RO635: M16… I’m definitely not up to M4A1’s standards...
But I’m not her, and you can’t treat me like her!

M16A1: I’m sorry… that’s not what I meant.
You’re better in your own way. I guess…. I just can’t adapt that quickly...

RO635: You have your experience, M16. I need that now.
As for what happens after that… there’ll be a lot of time for you to adapt.

M4 SOPMOD II: M16… you’re back?

M16A1: Yes, SOP2, I’m back...

[M16 ignores RO and sits down in a corner.]

M4 SOPMOD II: Did you… quarrel with RO?

M16A1: It was just a normal discussion...
I’m very tired, SOP2. Let me recenter myself...
Also, RO, you should do a search in the SF network to check on their movements.

RO635: What? Isn’t that announcing our presence to SF?

M16A1: I just heard something in the sky that sounded like an engine...
The enemy might have already found our coordinates and are about to launch an airstrike.

RO635: My sensor systems didn’t detect it. How did you hear it?
Also, Destroyer can’t launch aerial attacks.

M16A1: Don’t rely too much on technology. I just went outside to keep my eyes peeled, and I managed to hear it coming from a more distant and wide-open place.
As for aerial attack ability… nobody said there was only one ringleader in this sector.
Do you remember Operation Hypothermia?

RO635: ...
I’m only going to take this risk once.

[RO enters the SF network.]


RO635: There’s no movements at the SF command post. That means they haven’t made any moves yet, right?

M16A1: Isn’t that even stranger?
It means… there’s a high chance they’ve already left the command post.

RO635: *sighs* You’re being too sensitive, and there’s no guarantee that there aren’t any problems with the sensor systems.

M16A1: I’m sure I heard it. I’m guessing that it was an enemy drone...

RO635: A drone? What would they use that for...

[Boom! Boom!]

AR Team: …?!

RO635: Explosions in the distance!
Where are they coming from...

M16A1: There’s no time, RO! Expand your search radius again!
SF may have more than one command post, but they probably won’t be too far apart so they can coordinate with each other!

[The static slowly dies down, and a conversation can be heard.]

Destroyer: … Like I was saying, this is my turf, so don’t go blowing it all to bits.
Oi, are you listening!?

Dreamer: Ah...
You treat this place as your garden?
What a girlish heart you have, Destroyer.

Destroyer: Tch, I just want to keep things orderly here.

Dreamer: In that case, you shouldn’t tolerate the maggots who barged in, should you?

Destroyer: Did I really not spot them...
Anyway, common sense dictates that they can’t have broken our jamming net yet.

Dreamer: Don’t rely on high technology too much, Destroyer.
Have you learned nothing after so much contact with Griffin?
If Agent hadn’t noticed them, they’d be chasing you all over the map again.

Destroyer: Hah? I haven’t fought them that many times, right?
Also, when did they chase me around...

Dreamer: ...
Ah… my apologies, I misremembered.
Heehee, in any case, I’m here to help clean up your problems, so be grateful.

Destroyer: Hah… what’s that supposed to mean…
Anyway, you can do what you want since it’s on Agent’s orders.
But you should know which places not to blow up, right?

Dreamer: I know. I’ll be careful when laying the carpet.
Just keep sleeping, Destroyer. Would you like a lullaby?

Destroyer: No thank you… I don’t want any more nightmares...
I can’t stand it, those small fry everywhere...

[RO closes the connection.]

M16A1: As I thought… We’ve got someone troublesome to deal with now...

RO635: How did SF find us…
I did my best… I was so careful...

M16A1: Doing your best doesn’t guarantee success, RO.
A leader ought to have the ability to adapt to unexpected changes in the situation.
Don’t be down. Just report to the Commander first and I’ll help you with the rest afterwards.

RO635: Okay...
*sighs* In the end, we still need to count on someone else’s help...

M16A1: A team leader’s supposed to count on other people. Otherwise why would you need team members?
Grab your gun and follow me. SF’s vanguard ought to be attacking this place soon.