Story/Normal 8-3 (Part2)/Script

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[After the operation, the AR Team arrives at the database containing File 7.]

RO635: Persica-san, Commander, we’ve entered the target database.

Persica: Oh… this is going unexpectedly well.
Now then, have you found File 7 yet?

RO635: SOP2 has just passed an identity authentication and she’s now searching for the relevant data.
I’ll be broadcasting a signal to spoof the main trunk network’s active defenses while SOP2 is connected.
Once we find File 7, we’ll download it immediately.

Persica: Is that so… thank you all for your hard work.
Especially you, RO… In the process of helping M4, you’re doing something she’s never done herself...

RO635: Thank you for your praise, Persica-san.
I’m simply carrying out my orders. It’s the Commander and the AR Team doing all the work.
RO635: Also, the op isn’t over yet, so we can’t lower our guard.

Persica: Er… didn’t you find the file already?

RO635: The download will take up a lot of SOP2's memory, and I can’t act independently either when I’m connected to the network.
Everyone other than M16 will be very vulnerable during this time.
There’s no telling when SF will find us. Please continue buying us time, Commander.

Persica: In that case..
RO, why not eavesdrop on SF again?

RO635: I would advise against that. The anti-jamming system is still active in order to ensure the Commander can continue to fight.
However, if we hack into SF comms now, it is very likely that the opposition will be able to counter-locate, especially since we do not quite understand any technological trump cards they might have...

Persica: Uu… thats… makes a lot of sense too...

RO635: *sighs* I think you’ve drunk too much coffee. I suggest using your instruments to rest for a while.

M16A1: RO, SOP2’s found File 7. We can begin the download once you’re ready.
However, it contains many documents and it’s very large in size. I estimate that we’ll have to wait a very long time.

RO635: Stay here, M16. Don’t alert the enemy watchers.
I’ll hand the work outside to the Commander afterwards.

M16A1: What’s this? You’re starting to feel uneasy without me?

RO635: I’m just making a rational decision in accordance with the situation.

M16A1: Haha, alright, then...
I’ll stay here to protect you, but in turn, you mustn’t leave the database no matter what happens.
This is experience talking. You should pay attention to it.

RO635: While I don’t know where you got that experience from… alright, I promise you that.

Persica: Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you, RO.
I think I’ll go… nod off a little...