Story/Normal 8-3 (Part1)/Script

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[20 minutes later.]

RO635: Persica-san?
Persica-san, are you there?

RO635: Calling Persica-san!

Persica: Ah! I’m here, I’m here!

RO635: *sighs* Time is limited on this operation. Please don’t leave the channel without informing us.

Persica: It was nothing, I was just getting a cup of coffee.

RO635: You’ve drunk too much coffee tonight. This is very bad for a human’s physical health.
Also, I thought I heard you whispering about something just now...

Persica: Ah… I received a voice mail just now. Don’t worry, don’t worry.

RO635: *sighs* This is a very important mission. You ought to be more focused, as the overall person in charge.
RO635: Persica-san, Commander, I need to report on our progress.
I have determined the location of the database that contains File 7...

Persica: Ah, you have? Then that’s great.

RO635: Pardon me, but please be quiet, Persica-san.
We’re heading to the target location now, but there are many SF guard posts along our path.

Persica: Which means… you need the Commander to escort you?

RO635: No. I was hoping that the Commander would send out his forces to draw their attention while we approached the objective by clandestine means.
I’ll need to discuss the exact route with M16…

RO635: ...Although it seems she’s wandered off somewhere.

M16A1: Oh? Did I miss something?
I just went upstairs to change shifts with SOP2.

RO635: Ah, it’s fine. Let me know next time...

RO635: Commander, I’ve noted a command post on your map. Taking that point will lure away a lot of enemies.
We’ll move in after your part of the operation succeeds and reach the target database.
The anti-jamming system is very stable. You may begin now.