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[15 minutes after the operation’s start, inside Base 0.]

M16A1: RO, we ought to be in the heart of Base 0.
The Commander helped us clear it out. There’s no better place for us to set up the anti-jamming network.

RO635: Eh? Are we already in the heart of the base? How can you be so sure of our exact location when we don’t have any detailed maps of this area?
M16A1: Which should we believe between downloaded data and my combat experience?
RO635: Experience, huh...
Alright, I’ll start preparing now. SOP2, get to high ground and keep a lookout.
M16, give me the authentication data for File 7.

[M16 takes out a thumb drive and tosses it over.]

RO635: Thanks.

M16A1: Cherish it. We almost died for this.

RO635: ...
This is from No. 3 Safehouse, right?

M16A1: “Recover all of Lyco’s research in life.” Just about the entire AR Team was made for that aim.
And now, we’ve reached the final step of that.

RO635: *sigh* You don’t seem too worked up about it.

M16A1: You know I don’t care about that.

RO635: *sighs* M4, huh...
RO635: But no matter what, I’ve always admired you all… M16.
I once studied your combat logs, and your combat performance leaves nothing to be desired.
Your and SOP2’s performance during Operation Hypothermia only made me more certain of it.

M16A1: That’s enough, RO. Technological products like dolls are obviously better the newer they are.
M16A1: There’s no point admiring a doll like me… I couldn’t even save my own team leader.

RO635: M16… M4 will be fine.

M16A1: Haha… it would be better if it had come from Persica-san.

[Saying so, M15 pats RO on the shoulder.]

M16A1: Forget it, don’t worry about it. I’m just whining. Is the anti-jamming net up yet?

RO635: Yeah, I’m about to start it up.

M16A1: Once the net goes up, SF will realize that we’re here. You need to give the Commander some advance notice to prepare.

RO635: ...M16, what exactly is this place?
Given how you and Persica have reacted… I don’t think this is just a simple SF base.

M16A1: Of course it’s no mere SF base. This place is very close to SF’s old lair. You shouldn’t be surprised to find anything here.
But if you want to ask me what I know… then sorry, but this is also my first time here.

RO635: But… you acted like… this wasn’t your first time.

M16A1: Did I? Unfortunately, my neural cloud tells me that I’ve never been here before.

RO635: Really...
M16, if you’re hiding anything from me...

M16A1: You’re the team leader. You know I can’t hide anything from you.

[M16 shrugs, and then accepts a call from Persica’s channel.]

Persica: Ah… is it about to begin? I just finished brewing a cup of coffee.

RO635: Persica-san, time is tight, so we’ll focus on the objective of finding File 7.
You can record anything you need, but please excuse me if I refuse to carry out low-priority investigations.

M16A1: Haha, you’re coming off too strong, don’t you think, RO?

RO635: Wasn’t it you who said that the AR Team’s mission was to recover Lyco’s data?
This is the most reliable plan for the sake of Griffin and the AR Team.

Persica: That’s fine, RO. Just concentrate on finding File 7.
I… just want to see you all in action...
After all… chances like these are hard to come by...

RO635: Yeah… I understand...
I’ve re-established the anti-jamming net. I’m going to connect to SF’s main trunk network to search for File 7.