Story/Normal 8-2 (Part1)/Script

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[Shortly after, in Sector S02.]

RO635: Alright, I’ve gotten rid of the jamming signal.
Next, we’ll have to enter Base 0...

M16A1: RO, wait a moment.
I’d suggest listening in on the SF communications channels just to be safe.
We might be able to gain valuable information while the enemy hasn’t noticed our presence yet.

RO635: Hacking their comms network runs the risk of revealing our position. I’d advise against it.

M16A1: RO, if SF really is waiting for us, then we run the risk of going down with all hands.

RO635: ...
Alright, I guess it’s essential, then.

Persica: Ah… RO. Switch your signal to an encrypted public channel.

RO635: Persica-san, these are all operational messages, they probably won’t be of use to you.

Persica: *sighs* You’re not letting me do unnecessary things… at the very least let me listen on what you’re hearing.
It might be good to save any pleasant surprises we find for next time.

M16A1: RO, hear Persica out. Besides, the Commander needs this info too.

RO635: ...Got it.
Signal hook cast, now completely synced with the SF network. Beginning broadcast, listen carefully...

[A cheery melody plays.]

M4 SOPMOD II: What… is this? Music?

M16A1: … Skylark. It’s an old song.

M4 SOPMOD II: Oh! That’s M16 for you, you even knew stuff like this!

RO635: More importantly, why are they playing music?

M16A1: SF Ringleaders are fitted with certain emotion modules. Listening to music indicates that they’re forcing themselves to rest to relieve stress.

M4 SOPMOD II: This is a good chance for us. We can move around boldly for the time being.

RO635: But if they don’t speak… we won’t know who they are.

M16A1: I doubt SF would hand an important guard assignment to an inexperienced newcomer.
A doll who’s fought Griffin many times, with a youthful personality...

RO635: ...It’s Destroyer. It’s got to be her.

M16A1: Hmph, that’s good news, right?

RO635: Commander, did you hear that?
The ringleader guarding Sector S02 is very likely to be Destroyer. Please tailor your battle plans to deal with her.
After this, we’ll need you to help us move further in, until we find a location that we can use to begin our search.