Story/Normal 8-1 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation ends, and the AR Team successfully reaches the outskirts of Base 0.]

RO635: Commander, we’re in the vicinity of Base 0.
After this we’ll be penetrating deep into the compound, to find a suitable location that can serve as a temporary base in order to search for File 7.

M16A1: Tell us how you’ve divided up the tasks, RO.

RO635: I will continue acting as team leader. At the same time I’ll set up an anti-jamming system and keep an eye on the location and movements of File 7 and SF forces.
SOP2 is in charge of security. She has to be aware of nearby enemies at all times.
With the Commander’s echelons will, there won’t be any problems with the security of the outer perimeter.
M16 will amend and choose from various operational plans to help me complete the mission.

M16A1: Ahhh… is that what they mean when they say “an able man is always busy?”

RO635: Persica-san, our objective this time round is only File 7, right?

Persica: Well… it’s rare to gain this sort of access, so I’d like to keep an eye out for other things...

RO635: I’m sorry, Persica-san...
But according to my calculations, investigating other content in addition to recovering File 7 will incur a great deal of risk.

Persica: Ah… that may be so.
In any case, commence the operation. I’ll give additional instructions if the situation calls for it.

RO635: Understood. Everyone, let’s continue with the mission.