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[2 months after the end of Operation Hypothermia.] [Morning, in front of a military sub-base.]

Kryuger: We shouldn’t be meeting if possible...
Kryuger: General Carter.

Carter: If possible, yes… but this time we had to make contact. I’m here to give you a reminder.
Carter: You should be grateful to Central Command for giving us the opportunity to meet off-the-record at this year’s PMC convention.
Carter: My car’s at the next corner. I won’t keep you too long.

[Kryuger nods, and Brigadier General Carter follows him into the Griffin vehicle.]

Kryuger: We’ve made some gains regarding Lyco’s AI data.

Carter: I trust said gains were very minor, to the point where you didn’t bother reporting them.

Kryuger: That was because… there were a few small problems which needed some time to settle.

Carter: *sighs* Bere, you were once one of my men, which is why I gave you my support.
Carter: I met all your terms. More dolls than permitted, smuggling weapons and control over the media in the districts which you were responsible for.
Carter: All this has long since exceeded the scope of my authority. You should know that very well.

Kryuger: Of course… I know the price you’ve paid.

Carter: Then you should also know what we want.
Carter: You dislike talking politics, but even you should know that the world is reorganizing in an unprecedented way.
Carter: A new country is about to be born, and the army itself is facing a massive internal reorganization.

Kryuger: Is this the brainchild of “those people” whom you mentioned earlier?

Carter: *nods* The time and opportunity is at hand, but if you keep failing to produce results...
Carter: Perhaps nobody will be able to speak for you at the next General Staff meeting. You know what that implies.

Kryuger: ...

Carter: The army doesn’t care who wins. The only thing that has value as stakes is the technology for the next generation of military dolls.
Carter: You’ve failed once already. Don’t fail again.
Carter: Ah, here’s the junction. My car’s just ahead.

[Kryuger waves, and the sedan stops. Carter opens the door.]

Kryuger: I will make haste… General Carter.

Carter: I hope so. Otherwise I’ll just have to find another helper.
Carter: Thanks for the ride. See you at tonight’s dinner.

[Brigadier General Carter leaves.]

Kryuger: ...
Kryuger: Keep driving.
Kryuger: Leave the base and drive a few rounds around the city. I want to make a call.

[At the same time, at the 16Lab research institute.]

[Beep beep.]

Persica: ...
Persica: Urgh...
Persica: Whoozat?
Persica: Oh… Kryuger, huh.

Kryuger: You promised us there would be progress over the next few days.

Persica: M4A1… I’ve almost awakened her, I’ve found a breach...

Kryuger: Now isn’t the time to wake her. There’s a more important job that needs to be done.
Kryuger: You mentioned before that obtaining File 7 would allow you to restore all of Lyco’s data.

Persica: According to the data that M4A1 and the others recovered from the No.3 Safehouse… yes, that would be correct.

Kryuger: And you once said that if we were lucky, we could find it in a day.

Persica: Yes… we’ve almost pinpointed the exact location, but you know that SF is interfering now...

Kryuger: I knew you’d say that.
The AR Team and that Commander are now yours.

Persica: Ah… you do understand me, Kryuger.

Kryuger: You owe me one for the Jupiter incident. This is the second time.
I want to see results before dinner tonight. I want a guarantee.

Persica: Mm, you’ll get what you want...
Also, Kryuger...

Kryuger: Go ahead.

Persica: Did Lyco… really die from an accident?
Sorry, you’re always keen on learning about what Lyco left behind, and I always...

Kryuger: ...We’ve discussed this topic many times already.

Persica: So it seems...
Well, I’m fine then.

[Kryuger ends the call.]

Persica: ...

[Half an hour later, at the temporary Griffin command room in Sector S02.]

Persica: ...And that’s how it is, Commander.
File 7 isn’t exactly hard to find, but being in the midst of enemy territory… is another matter entirely.
You’ll need to paradrop right into the vicinity of the original Sangvis Ferri plant.
I’ll tell the AR Team what they have to do. Your mission is to protect them.

RO635: Commander, are you ready? We’re going to move out.
We’re currently in Sector S02, and our objective is to enter Base 0 to find File 7.
I’ve already transmitted the local map info to your command system. Please refer-

M4 SOPMOD II: Well, this is SF territory for you, enemy defenses are really heavy.
Still, I’m sure the Commander will be able to make a chance for us, won’t he?

M16A1: Don’t be too worried, Commander.
SF has installed jammers in the area. In addition, there’s the risk of contracting Parapluie if we connect to SF equipment.
RO’s anti-jamming ability can guarantee that the AR Team will be able to function normally. We’ll have RO handle any connection to the SF networks in order to prevent infection.

RO635: All you need to do is take the command post on the outskirts and cause havoc. The AR Team and I will then have the opportunity to enter Base 0.
That’s the aim of our current operation. We’ll be waiting for word from you.