Story/Normal 7-6 (Part1)/Script

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[Five minutes after sabotaging the Sangvis communication outpost.]

Kalina: Commander, we're being hailed on a public channel.
It bears the identification of Sangvis Ferri. Most probably the Ringleader behind this attack.
What do we do? Should I answer the call?

[...Sangvis call accepted.]

Dreamer: Good morning, Griffin Commander.
I don't know how exactly you located my communication outpost. Someone's probably been cheating.
But then again, it's dull to strategize by the rules. Variables like this are what makes things fun.
So...allow me to join in on this little game...

Kalina: Commander! Massive amount of Sangvis unit signals incoming at 4 o'clock position from the detention center!

Dreamer: I'm targeting that detention center. Make no mistake, I'm much more lethal than the little bugs from before...
I'll kill every single Griffin T-Doll in sight with my own hands.
Well? Would you like some time to come up with a countermeasure?

Kalina: What do we do, Commander?
If we intercept Dreamer, we won't be able to defend the detention center.
Besides, we don't even know what's going on inside the establishment. We have no way of breaking in to get them out...

RO635: Commander, Miss Kalin, please leave the mission to me.
I have already reached the detention center and am about to infiltrate the building.
I shall follow the preset stratagem and rescue all trapped T-Dolls, including M4A1.

Kalina: Can it be done, RO?
But...signal is completely jammed by Parapluie within the detention center.

RO635: Parapluie isn't the cause of the jam. It's something much more terrifying.
But don't worry. I've brought a device to neutralize the threat.
I'm also equipped with a basic command module, which enables me to issue simple commands in the building.

Kalina: Should I transfer all control of the detention center to her?

RO635: ...
Thank you for your recognition, Commander.
Please concentrate on intercepting Dreamer, and leave the rescue of the AR Team and the others to me.
Rest assured, it shall be done.

Dreamer: Time is running out. Have you gathered your wits and forces to stop me...?
...Splendid. Then let the game begin...
I look forward to your warm reception, Lord Commander ♪.