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[Meanwhile, within the detention center codenamed "Mario's Princess".
Medical Room, 4/F. An hour into the counterattack.]

FF FN49: U-um, FNC! I'm out of ammo!

FF FNC: Hmm... But I can't let you have mine.

Scorpion: Hey! What are you doing? Didn't I tell you to hold your fire here?!
Scorpion: There are too many of them on the floors below! We're gonna be wiped out soon!

FF FN49: But we still haven't finished off the enemies here!

Skorpion: But there are more of them downwards!

FF FNC: But they are still very far from us!

Skorpion: But they have a much longer firing range!

FF FN49: But the enemies here have more firepower!

Skorpion: Hmm... You do have a point...
Scorpion: Ahhhhhhh!
Scorpion: No commander, and no preset stratagem! What should I do?! Somebody please tell me!


FF FN49: Um... The floor below seems to have cleared up!
FF FN49: Huh? You...

M4A1: Everyone cease your fire and retreat to the dormitory common room on the third floor!

FF FN49: Huh? You are...

FF FNC: You're not a member of our team, but you can give us oreders??

Skropion: Who cares! Just listen to her and retreat!

Dormitory Common Room, five minutes later.

M16A1: M4, Skorpion's group is the last batch. All T-Dolls on the second to fourth floors are all here.
M16A1: (Hands over) The ones on this list are too seriously injured for further combat.

M4A1: Got it. I shall assign suitable units to care for them.

M4 SOPMOD II: But what about the ones on the first floor an in the basement?

FF FNC: We make our way down there and bust them out, bien sur!

FF FN49: But... the signal is completely jammed. Barging our way through will surely be dangerous...

Negev: Calm down you lot. it's not like we don't have a commander here.

FF FNC: Commander? But the commander ISN'T here...

FF FN49: (Whimpers) The commander hasn't come... Maybe we've been left for dead...

Skorpion: Hey, enough with this rubbish!

M4A1: Everybody please listen.
M4A1: Have you noticed? The Sangvis attack has significantly weakened compared to an hout ago...
M4A1: Which means the commander has been destroying a lot of enemy units on the outside - for our sake.
M4A1: The commander has made it in time and is doing everything that is possible to aid us...
M4A1: Now we only have to finish off what is left of the enemies, and we will be safe.

Skorpion: But how do we make it down there? We don't have something that remotely resembles an autonomous stratagem...

M4A1: That is unnecessary. I shall command you.
M4A1: I am a specieal T-Doll developed by 16LAB and equipped with a highly efficient module for issuing commands.
M4A1: If the occasion calls for it, I can give orders in the commander's place. Even if electronic communication is down, I can give verbal orders.

FF FN49: So... that means... you're our commander for now, right?

FF FNC: Uh... But we saw you once before, end you were super suspicious back then...
FF FNC: Besides, wasn't Skorpion set up by the AR Team?
FF FNC: They used her then just let her get captured by Sangvis Ferri... or something...

Skorpion: ...
Scorpion: No, that's not what happened...
Scorpion: I was abandoned by my original commander on the field along with some other squads...
Scorpion: Agent from S.F. brought along so many units we were almost completely overwhelmed...
Scorpion: If it hadn't been for M4, we'd probably have met our end then and there.
Scorpion: So I trust her. Or at the very least, I trust her abilities!

FF FN49: I-I also think it's worth a shot! It certainly beats cowering in here!

FF FNC: Ugh... If that's what everyone has decided on...
FF FNC: M4, you'll get us all out of here, right?!

M4A1: (Nods) I will.
M4A1: I will try my utmost best in being a temporary commander and lead us all to victory.

M16A1: Don't just try. Do it.
M16A1: Tonight we MUST survive!

M4A1: ...(Nods)
M4A1: Everyone move according to my orders!
M4A1: Let us make our way out of this place!
M4A1: I must stop eating my heart out...
M4A1: I have to live... Make use of my abilities... and live through this with my friends!