Story/Normal 7-3 (Part1)/Script

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The day after the purge on the Sangvis command post.

Kalina: Ready to start a new day, Commander?

Kalina: Today's work is as follows...


Kalina: Ah...Yep, patrols again.

Kalina: We've been looking forward to peaceful days, but it sure takes some getting used to now that things have actually quieted down.

Kalina: Huh? Why are ye appologising all of a sudden?

Kalina: Haha, yeah, it's all your fault for requesting to be reassigned to a place like this.

Kalina: But i don't think your decision was wrong, Commander.

Kalina: After all, we only managed to come this far by sharing such thoughts...

Kalina: Be it simple victories or the chance of making more friends, all this experience adds more color to my life.

Kalina: It's why i joined Griffin in the first place, and following you has made my dreams come true.

Kalina: So wherever you go, you'll have me by your side.

Kalina: All right, let's get on with our work!

Kalina: The Sangvis command post was trashed, but there are still small-scale enemy activities.

Kalina: Dispatch our automatons and clean them up!