Story/Normal 7-2 (Part2)/Script

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...Finished up cleaning the Sangvis command post.

Kalina: This operation went well too, Commander.

Kalina: The search didn't yield anything significant. Looks like they really were just passing by.

Kalina: Oh, and one more thing. Miss Helian sent word for you to give her a call after the operation. She's probably sorted out my request...

Kalina:...Yeah, what's that about?

Kalina: You'd better ask her in person.

Calling Helian after a short break.

Helian: Congratiolations, Commander. HQ will verify your reports and reward you accordingly.

Helian: You seem to have grown accustomed to working in Area S05, But don't let your guard down. The war is far from over.

Helian: Additionally, I have carried out Miss Kalina's request...

Helian: ...You'll probably be glad to hear these voices.


Helian plays an audio recording.

M16A1: M4, M4!

M4 SOPMOND II: Hey, M4! It's started!

M4A1: ...!

...M4A1's voice, calm and weary, can be heard in the recording.

M4A1: Hello, Commander...

M4A1: It has been a week. I hope you are doing well?

M4A1: We are very safe here, and very well taken care of.

M4A1: Our movements are restricted, but... We completely understand the measures HQ has taken...

M4A1: After all, we are not the only ones who went through that ordeal, nor are we the only ones who...suffered...

M4A1: Do not worry about us, Commander. And thank you for the concern and protection you offer...

M4A1: We will actively coorperate with HQ's work and look forward to seeing you again...`

Audio stops.

Helian: This is the best i can do during such uneasy times.

Helian: Is there anything you wish to M4, Commander?

Helian:...Understood. Send the recording to me later. I'll play it to them when i call them tomorrow night.

Helian: In the meantime, please contimue to follow HQ's directives and fulfill your duties as commander.

Call ended.