Story/Normal 7-2 (Part1)/Script

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The day after the report.

Kalina: Commander, HQ has issued directives following the report.

Kalina: Helian said the detection of Sangvis units in Area S05 coincided with recent Sangvis activities...

Kalina: Judging by that, they were probably just some small reinforcement passing by the area.

Kalina: Routinely speaking, we can pay them no mind and just leave the clean-up to other troops...

Kalina: But there's nothing wrong with being too cautious, so HQ still wants you to destroy their command post.

Kalina: After all, that'll give us enough time to react id Sangvis Ferri is really after Area S05.

Kalina: Alright-y! Let's begin the operation once our troops are ready to deploy!