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...Five days after Griffin's withdrawal from Area S08.


Helian: Commander, Mr. Kryuger has reviewed your application.

Helian: You've requested to change your charge from Area S09 to S05...

Helian: Mr. Kryuger fully understands your reasons and after due consideration, your request has been officially granted.

Helian: The reassignment will be processed within the next three business days, and this reassignment will only mean a change in your combat duties.

Helian: You'll be keeping your base so your daily management won't be affected.

Helian: Your duty is to take charge of the security contractor work in Area S05, which includes daily patrols, regular reports, and assisting HQ in operations

Helian: For more details, please refer to the work handbook, which Miss Kalin should've already sent you. Consult her if you have any questions.

Helian: Lastly, all the best in your new post

Call ended.

The next day.

Kalina: Commander, this is Area S05, our new contracted area.

Kalina: It may be a bit remote, but being this far away from the Sangvis frontline, there should't be much to do

Kalina: Cheer up and send our T-Dolls on patrol!