Story/Normal 6-6 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 6-6-1

M16A1: Commander? Negev? Come in!
Negev: M16, where you guys at!
Negev: Now the entire Sector S08 is swarming with Ferri, ridiculously strong Ferri!
Negev: We're almost out, can't wait for you much longer!
(Radio) M16A1: Sorry, something happened.
(Radio) M16A1: Negev, Commander, listen, don't worry about the other things.
(Radio) M16A1: Alchemist's forces just moved out, possibly headed right for you guys.
Negev: Huh, come to settle the score from last time?
Negev: What about you, where are you and SOP II going?
(Radio) M16A1: We got our plans, should be fine, don't worry.
(Radio) M16A1: You be careful Commander, protect Negev's squad!
Negev: Oi! M16! Oii!!
(Radio) Alchemist: Morning, fellow G&K.
(Radio) Alchemist: The hunt is about to begin, are you all ready?
(Radio) Alchemist: And, I'm looking forward to meet you again, Ms Negev...
Negev: Really? But I'm actually super angry right now, Alchemist...
Negev: You better pray that you don't actually meet me, especially right before your death...
(Radio) Alchemist: Oh? How long can you possibly last with those bullets from the bygone age?
(Radio) Alchemist: What will happen to you? Being ripped apart by me with all your comrades, or fall on the way of solitary escape?
(Radio) Alchemist: Show me your best expression for fear, ripe for my taking!
Negev: Come and get it, you Ferri bastards...
Negev: Come, Commander.
Negev: Nothing more satisfying than bathing in the blood of our hated enemies.