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Scene 6-5-3

...Combat finished, Negev Squadron temporarily safe.
Negev: Phew... Finally done.
Negev: Cheers Commander, had to trouble you for a few times now.
Negev: But there are still a lot of Ferri units near by, stay alert people.
Galil: Hey... Did any of you see M16?
Galil: She must have found SOP II by now, why she ain't here?
TAR-21: Must have heard news about M4 or AR15, but don't want us to get involved?
Negev: Damn, what the hell are they thinking!
Negev: Open up comms, search for them!
TAR-21: Apologies... Their signals, not found.
TAR-21: Seriously, they know how dangerous it is here, once they realise their communications are scrambled they should have just retreated...
Negev: ...
Negev: Perhaps, they are looking for the source of this scrambler...

Scene 6-5-4

At the same time...
AR15: Well then, that means I'm your first friend.
AR15: Absolutely... Terrible...
M4A1: You are AR15?
AR15: Oh? You know me?
M4A1: Your weapon... Matches the description in my memory module, of AR15 type Android.
AR15: Ohh...
M4A1: You don't look very... Happy.
AR15: Not really.
AR15: Becoming your friend was the first order given to me, acting enthusiastically was also part of that order.
M4A1: But... Aren't you suppose to smile, if you are enthusiastic?
AR15: ...
AR15: Then order me to, give me the orders, and I will do that.
M4A1: You want me to... Give you orders?
AR15: Give me orders, give me orders to anything you want me to do.
AR15: These are your permissions, M4A1, everything was prepared for you.
M4A1: ...

Scene 6-5-5

M4A1: These... Are my memories?
??: Yes, M4A1 of G&K.
??: This is the first memories... About you.
M4A1: Who are you! What are you doing!
??: Finding out answers.
??: About... Who you really are.
M4A1: I'm an Android employed by G&K, member of the AR squadron.
M4A1: Apart from this, I don't know what else I can reply with.
??: Indeed, your Psy-cloud memory records, matches with AR15's.
??: But none of these are what I'm after, so hurry up, answer me.
M4A1: I told you, I don't know...
??: Your purpose of being made, how can you possibly don't know?
??: Give me the answer, hurry up and give me my answer.
??: Why are you angry?
??: Why can't you be nice to me, like everyone else?
AR15: ...Because she really don't know the answer.
AR15: AR Squadron's Psy-cloud are encrypted by 16LAB, many contents we don't even have access permissions ourselves.
AR15: Looks like information regarding M4 is also encrypted, I cannot access it with "Parapluie"...
??: ...So this mean, you cannot bring me information regarding M4A1.
??: You broke the contract, AR15 of G&K...
AR15: I said it before, it was unlikely...
(Clapping of hands)
??: ...I hate those who breaks contracts.
??: Go forth, Alchemist, I give you the permissions.
??: Fetch M4A1 back, nothing else.
Alchemist: Did you hear that AR15?
Alchemist: M4A1 is with you right? Then we will meet again, very soon...
Alchemist: Waited too long for this, I can finally end you with my own hands!
AR15: Alchemist...
AR15: Don't be too happy about this Alchemist, I won't go down easily.
Alchemist: But, you have nowhere to go AR15...
Alchemist: You should know this more than anyone, being "Parapluie" 's first ever test subject, at the same time...
Alchemist: ...As the source of the communication jamming.
Alchemist: Soon, you will regret you didn't bring M4A1 to me, just now...
Alchemist: Very soon...