Story/Normal 6-5 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 6-5-1

...G&K Sector S08 Tactical Command.
(Radio) Negev: Commander! Commander come in!
(Radio) Negev: Reports showing a large amount of Sangvis Ferri units are closing in on this sector from everywhere.
(Radio) Negev: As HQ requested, all G&K units must evacuate from this Sector.
(Radio) Negev: But my squad were intercepted by the Ferri while we were retreating.

Scene 6-5-2

(Radio) Negev: Though I really want to start raining hell on them, but for my team's sake I really should be going with the safer option here.
(Radio) Negev: So Commander, be troubling you to send some help our way again.
(Radio) Negev: This is our coordinates, please hurry up!