Story/Normal 6-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 6-4-1

...Moments later, Sector S08 G&K Tactical Command.
M16A1: Commander, I have this unfortunate report for you.
M16A1: M4A1 and SOP II are now MIA, as they are ran after AR15...
(Radio) Negev: M16, Commander, come in!
(Radio) Negev: We just located SOP II!
M16A1: Eh? Their comms are unblocked?
(Radio) Negev: Not a clue, we only detected SOP II's signal, nothing about M4 yet.
(Radio) Negev: SOP II isn't replying to our communication attempts either.
(Radio) Negev: Sending you the coordinates now!

Scene 6-4-2

(Radio) Negev: This area is not far from the previous garrison, but a lot of Ferri units are arriving just now.
M16A1: What? Alchemist launched another assault?
(Radio) Negev: Not sure, but doesn't look like it...
(Radio) Negev: Firstly this... This is a lot of Ferri, far beyond Alchemist's command capability.
(Radio) Negev: Secondly, their behaviour... Strange, chaotic, can't exactly tell their purpose.
M16A1: If they are not aiming at us, we don't have to worry about them, for now.
M16A1: Report this to Helian, ask her to compare the data and find the possible leader behind this.
(Radio) Negev: I was about to do that, be careful in your missions.
(Radio) Negev: Commander's forces must breach in from here, then you have a chance to rescue SOP II.
(Radio) Negev: Luckily the comms just went back to normal in that area, so Commander you may deploy your forces.
M16A1: Roger that Negev.
M16A1: Move carefully Commander, lets go rescue SOP II.