Story/Normal 6-3 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 6-3-1

...Few moments later, Sector S08 G&K Tactical Command.
(Radio) M16A1: As I've described, these are the current situation Commander.
(Radio) M16A1: Local Ferri leader surrounded Negev's search squad.
(Radio) M16A1: M4 and SOP II are on their way to assist, but probably can't hold forever.
(Radio) M16A1: Communications are blocked within that region, we could force our way in for a rescue, but there is a better plan.

Scene 6-3-2

(Radio) M16A1: There is a Sangvis Ferri command post here, it commands some of their units.
(Radio) M16A1: We're in luck, this area's communication status is normal, your forces can capture here.
(Radio) M16A1: And we can mess with their command chain a little, which will greatly relief the pressure over at M4's side.
(Radio) M16A1: That's all I propose, if you consider the plan reasonable then lets get going.