Story/Normal 6-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 6-2-3

...AR Squadron arrived at targeted destination.
Galil: Hey! HEY! AR Squad! I'm over here!
M4A1: Ease up Galil, you're safe now.
Galil: Phew, thanks a lot, a few more minutes the Ferri will probably have found me.
M16A1: You really know where to call for help, right in the middle of the battlefield...
Galil: Well... Where we were attacked, G&K comms network were all scrambled.
Galil: I ran for a very long time to find somewhere with signal, can't be too picky.
SOPMOD II: What exactly happened, care to explain?
Galil: We were investigating AR15's temporary shelter, Negev realised we were being watched by one of the Ferri leaders hidden near-by.
Galil: Before they could deploy their rear units, Negev told me to sneak out and call for assists.
Galil: I've only noticed the signal scrambling half way running, not quite sure what's happening now over there...
M16A1: What now M4? We can't fight a Ferri leader in their own territory, not with just the few of us.
M16A1: Extract and ask Commander? Or would that be too late?
M4A1: ...Let's split up.
M4A1: M16, you contact the Commander, guide the support units our way.
M4A1: Galil, lead me and SOP-II to Negev, we'll assault Ferri from the back, divert some fire.