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6-2: Double Rescure

Several minutes later...Borders of T7 Area in Grid S-08.

M16A1: We've breached the waypoint.

M16A1: This is the location where members of Squad Negev sent their distress signal.

M16A1: SOP-II, check the communication equipment.

M4 SOPMOD II: Channel is clear. The contact from the commander has been established.

M4 SOPMOD II: M4, please contact the commander as soon as possible.

M4A1: It's been a while, commander.

M4A1: Squad Negev lost contact after entering into this area 20 minutes ago.

M4A1: However, an emergency distress signal sent by one of their squad members has been confirmed just now.

M4A1: Our task is to establish communication with their members and confirm the situation.

M4 SOPMOD II: Damn it. Turns out they're more trouble than they're worth...

M16A1: If Negev is really in trouble, we wouldn't be much better off if we're in her shoes.

M16A1: Commander, please help us to make way to the object. We're counting on you.