Story/Normal 6-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 6-1-3

...Negev Squadron arrived at destination.
Negev: We've arrived, there is a G&K garrison here.
Negev: I'll monitor movements on the radar, Galil, watch our rear.
Galil: Alright, leave it to me.
Negev: Tavor, found anything yet?
TAR-21: Not yet, I'm still checking the equipment.
Negev: I told you to switch them on before, they don't use much batteries.
TAR-21: Just saving what I can, after all we get a new dorm when we return, I just want to form a good habit.
Negev: Whatever, but we can only go back after we find AR15.

Scene 6-1-4

TAR-21: But why is Helian wasting so much effort just to find this "Traitor"?
Negev: We can only say she's unlucky, only after being planted with Parapluie, then unknowingly revealed our garrison.
Negev: She probably ran away because she felt responsible for this.
Negev: Well, our mission is just finding her, after that 16LAB will probably find a way to recover her.
TAR-21: "Parapluie"... We can already confirm that she is being implanted with "Parapluie" sequences?
TAR-21: Doesn't sound that bad, if it only leak intel...
TAR-21: But for an Android that transgressed like this, should we let her live?
Negev: AR Squadron Androids are all 16LAB produced, we should at least keep that in mind.
Negev: And their Psy-cloud operates differently, so maybe their deaths are permanent.
Negev: Report the intel we gathered from this garrison back to the Commander first, and request more reinforcements.

Scene 6-1-5

TAR-21: ...
Negev: What's wrong Tavor?
TAR-21: Strange... Something wrong with my communication module.
TAR-21: No... it's gone completely, no longer operational.
Negev: (sigh) This is why you keep equipment switched on at all times, not like we lack batteries...
Negev: Though my guess is... This isn't some faulty equipment...
Negev: Right, Miss Sangvis Ferri?
??: ...

Scene 6-1-6

Negev: Tavor, NOW!
TAR-21: Target retreated, we're safe for now!
Negev: That one is "Alchemist", extremely crafty! Watch your surroundings!

Scene 6-1-7

(Radio) Alchemist: Aww... Shame...
(Radio) Alchemist: Only three more seconds then I would have reached your cute necks.
Negev: You must be the one scrambling our communications then...
(Radio) Alchemist: That... Actually is not my doing.
(Radio) Alchemist: I was only following this delicious scent, and that lead me to you girls.
(Radio) Alchemist: Maybe we will speak more of this... While I'm tearing you limbs to limbs!
Negev: Tavor, prepare the smoke screens!
Negev: Everyone, hold this position, don't let the Ferri units get close!
Negev: (whispers) Everything else is on you, Galil...
(Radio) Alchemist: (Laughter)
(Radio) Alchemist: Don't see any points in that, but this sure is fun!
(Radio) Alchemist: Continue your pointless struggles, until you reach the boiling point of despair.