Story/Normal 6-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 6-1-1

...5 days after AR15 reported MIA, Sector S08, Sangvis Ferri controlled region.
(Radio) Negev: Greetings Sir, this is Negev.
(Radio) Negev: Current location is Sector S08, T6, scouts report sightings of AR15's tracks.
(Radio) Negev: This sector is fairly wide, so other than AR Squad, my squadron is now also taking part in the searching operation.
(Radio) Negev: But we are only here on a temporary contract, we are not familiar with the local terrains, please clear a way for us.

Scene 6-1-2

(Radio) Negev: As you can see, this is Sangvis Ferri controlled sector, also a heavily conflicted zone between our forces and theirs.
(Radio) Negev: They have more influence within this region, so even for a seasoned commander such as yourself, it's best to be careful.