Story/Normal 5-6 (Part1)/Script

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Helian: Repeat:

Tactical Automaton AR-15 of the AR Team disobeyed the order of returning to the confinement room five minutes ago.

She broke free of her restraints and escaped from the vicinity of the base. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

This automaton, suspected of being infected and controlled by Sangvis virus, is highly dangerous.

On top of that, her communications module has been deactivated, so we are unable to trace her electronically.

All field commanders listening to this broadcast, please launch an immediate search for this automaton.

The moment you spot her, inform High Command and put her under control as soon as possible.

If the situation calls for it, you have permission to attack or destroy her.

[Temporary Grifon control room.]

M4A1: Commander, did you hear the broadcast?

What…do we do now?

We will carry out your order, Commander…whatever it is.

So…please do not hesitate. Issue your commands.


M16A1: M4, what did the commander say?

M4A1: No matter what, find AR-15 first.

M16A1: True that. SOP-II, tell her what you just found out.

M4 SOPMOD II: Okay… I’ve located Destroyer’s newest coordinates using the information we collected.

Since we haven’t reported our findings yet, we can get there before anyone else.

M4A1: Destroyer? What good does it do to locate her?

M16A1: M4, do you think AR-15 is really under Sangvis control?

Don’t you think there’s a possibility that she fled of her own accord because there is something she absolutely has to do…

M4A1: …AR-15 wants to find Destroyer and…avenge herself?

But…as an automaton, how could AR-15 disobey Grifon’s orders for her own desires?

M16A1: M4…

I know AR-15 better than you do. Or should I say…I know the AR Team better than you do. By far.

One day you’ll understand, but not today.

M4 SOPMOD II: Commander, give the order! Let’s break through Sangvis’ last defence and go get Destroyer and AR-15!