Story/Normal 5-5 (Part1)/Script

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[Back to the temporary control room.]

Helian: Commander, you must be very concerned about AR-15’s situation.

We are now certain that she has been planted with a malicious Sangvis programme before she regrouped with the team.

We have shut down her communications module to cut off all external data transfers.

We are still screening for identifications in her programme to root out the malicious codes.

Don’t worry. Considering how valuable she is, we have no plans of disarming her.

Instead, we’ll be using her to determine the source of her virus and prevent this from happening again.

Please rest assured and focus on completing Grifon’s mission before she returns.

Thanks to you and the AR Team, we have another chance of locating Destroyer.

But just in case, we need more sources of information to confirm her coordinates.

Commander, please lead your troops into Sangvis territory to collect more information.