Story/Normal 5-3 (Part2)/Script

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[Arrived at the designated zone.]

M16A1: (Gestures) …Prepare to blast our way through.

3, 2, 1…




M4 SOPMOD II: What the… It’s empty!

AR-15: Quiet. Watch your surroundings.

M4A1: No abnormal signals detected. All clear.

M16A1: Humph. Judging by the tracks on the floor, the ringleader gave us the slip only just now.

??: 30 minutes ago, to be exact.

M4A1: …!

Destroyer: Destroyer, Sangvis Ferri Manufacture.

Nice to see you, I guess? Even though it’s only a call.

Still, I must say I was taken aback by how fast you move.

I was going to take my plan further here while things are a mess for you. I certainly didn’t expect you to discover my coordinates.

This human named Kryuger is quick on his feet.

M4A1: Grifon is on full alert now. You can no longer acquire any intel from us.

Destroyer: Humph, really? That doesn’t really matter to me.

AR-15: You guys…are after something else?

Destroyer: You can’t figure it out with your wooden brains, dumbass Grifon automatons.

Just you watch. You won’t be able to do a thing.

M16A1: She left the channel. Can you trace her signal?

M4A1: Barely, but there are a lot of encrypted data that cannot be cracked right away.

M4 SOPMOD II: Good thing she’s still close. That idiot doesn’t know we’re actually tracing her.

AR-15: Let’s retreat first. We need to head back to HQ and report this ASAP.

M4 SOPMOD II: AR-15…You seem pretty fired up about this mission.

AR-15: Pish. I’ve always been a pragmatist. Any problem with that?

Let’s get going. We don’t have much time.