Story/Normal 5-2 (Part1)/Script

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[My ears start picking up faint sounds of explosion, and…]

?? Enough sleep, rookie.


[This man has been waiting for me.]

Kryuger: You’re in luck.

Only a rifle fell on you, not the entire arsenal.

[Sangvis forces are pouring into the base behind him…]

Kryuger: The name’s Kryuger. Executive Officer of Grifon.

I’m sure you’ve seen this face on our newsletters so often you must be sick of it.

Can you still fight?

[In the midst of the barrage, Kryuger hands me his other sidearm.]

Kryuger: We’ve been ambushed, Commander. Ensure your own safety first.

Then mount a resistance to fight off Sangvis advancement and make sure reinforcements are in position.

[His last sentence fades into silence as the man’s figure disappears through the door.]

[…I look back at the ravished control room.]

[Limp towards the control panel and inspect it.]

[I’m in luck. Something fell on me, but not the entire command system.]

[…Ready to deploy troops and mount a counterattack.]