Story/Normal 5-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 5-1-1

Secret stronghold of Grifon.
Helian:Welcome to your arrival, Commander.
Helian:I think this is our first met. Your are punctual, very good.
Helian:Or maybe, a little early. Mr. Kryuger is still dealing with some other issue.
Helian:First, let me inform you about the purpose of this assembly.
Helian:Pascal has already extracted a few keywords from the data acquired by Team AR in Safe House No.3.
Helian:At present, we suppose that Sangvis Ferri is starting an unknown plan code-named Umbrella.
Helian:Without doubt, this plan will be a huge threat against Grifon´╝î no matter how it will be launched.
Helian:Accordingly, Mr. Kryuger decided to assemble some of the commanders to meet here and deploy the countermeasures.
Helian:This stronghold is not far from your command post, Commander. You can keep on managing your T-doll echelons.
Helian:You can take part in a T-doll battle exercises before the arrival of Mr. Kryuger and other staff.
Helian:Test the battle efficiency of the T-dolls and update the data in headquarter.