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4-2 Part 2 Scene 4-1-3

...Deserted SANGVIS FERRI command center.
HK416: Arriving at destination. We are 20 minutes earlier than expected.
UMP45: ...♪
UMP45: It's really efficient to have a human commander on our side.
UMP45: 416, be sure to marry him?
HK416: It's none of your business. I will do it if there's an order.
HK416: By the way, are you sure this is the place?
UMP45: Yes. Exactly the place where AR squad was brutalized by the Agent.
UMP45: Now you can have a taste of it at where it all happened.
HK416: ...
HK416: I really should throw you into a garage compressor right now...
UMP45: Heh heh♪, even if you want, do it after the work is done.
HK416: (Sign) You're always like this...
HK416: Data restoration complete. I found the location of Agent.
HK416: Tell '9' to stop playing and keep on tracking.
UMP45: Nice. It's settled then.
UMP45: But 416... what are you doing?
UMP45: Right♪, looking for clues to that gal?
HK416: ... this is such a precious opportunity. I won't let her go.
UMP45: Fine, fine. I won't bother you.
UMP45: I'm going to check the intel from '9'. Don't have too much fun.
UMP45: You know it better than any of us: If that gal get serious, it will be a real danger.