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4-1 Part 1 Scene 4-1-1

...Griffin S09 sector command center.
赫利安:指挥官,你成功击败了猎手, 为格里芬收复人类居住地提供了机会
Helian: Commander, you successfully defeated the Huntress, and secured the :opportunity for Griffin to reclaim human habitat.
Helian: But there is no time for celebration. We will commence the next phase of our plan immediately.
Helian: According to intel gathered by AR squad, there is a document of important SANGVIS FERRI plans.
Helian: We have dispatched a T-Doll squad to investigate.
Helian: And your mission is to assist this squad to reach their destination. Take a look...
Helian: This squad is under attacked in conflict zone.
Helian: Commander, we expect you to intervene and cover them from the flanks.