Story/Normal 3-6 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-6-4

...Ferri command post.
AR15: Wow, the great Hunter, losing like this.
Hunter: What, How...
AR15: I edited your commands from within the Ferri network, wreaked some havocs.
Hunter: No, impossible, how can you have Sangvis Ferri permissions!
AR15: Oh, a random skill I gained, dependable enough.
AR15: Maybe I am truly special right, Hunter?
Hunter: ...
Hunter: You... You had yourself capture on purpose.

Scene 3-6-5

AR15: ...
AR15: You said it, the real hunter, remains silent.
AR15: And now you can remain silent, forever.

Scene 3-6-6

One hour later, rendezvous point.
SOPMOD II: Look, LOOK! It's AR15, she is here!
AR15: You two are too slow, I grew tired of waiting to be rescued.
M4A1: AR15... As long as you are ok.
AR15: M4, if the chaos didn't occur, were you really planning on exchanging yourself for me?
M4A1: I... I don't know...
AR15: Whatever you are thinking M4A1. You are the leader, don't do something stupid like this next time.
M4A1: But, I...
AR15: We all have our own responsibilities M4A1, we all have very little choices.
AR15: And M16, she is still out there.
M4A1: Ok... Next time I will plan carefully.
SOPMOD II: Wow, AR15 is acting cool all of a sudden.
AR15: ...You get over here.
SOPMOD II: Wait! I haven't finished yet!
AR15: Say no more, now shut up, forever.
SOPMOD II: M4! Commander! SAVE ME!
M4A1: ...(sigh)
M4A1: M16, you are the only one left...