Story/Normal 3-6 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-6-1

SOPMOD II: M4, have you decided?
M4A1: No one gets left behind...
M4A1: If AR15 was here, she will do this.
SOPMOD II: Yes she will, but you are not AR15.
SOPMOD II: You are the captain of AR Squad, you have the responsibility of leading us, right?
M4A1: I...

Scene 3-6-2

...!! At this moment, the siren sound started ringing from Command centre.
M4A1: This... This is an emergency gathering siren!
SOPMOD II: Eh? What's going on, right now?

Scene 3-6-3

At the same time, G&K Sector S09 Tactical Command.
(Radio) Helian: ...That sum it up briefly, Commander.
(Radio) Helian: Sangvis Ferri unit network is now filled with errors, a great number of Ferri combat units are now disabled.
(Radio) Helian: Unsure of why this is happening, but this is a perfect chance to form an assault.
(Radio) Helian: Depart immediately, find "Hunter", then take her out!
(Radio) Helian: This operation will deal a critical blow to Sangvis Ferri, take charge Commander!