Story/Normal 3-5 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-5-2

Searching operation on going...
(Radio) Hunter: Oh, you really did show up, M4A1.

Scene 3-5-3

M4A1: Someone entered the channel, this voice...
SOPMOD II: Hunter! That Ferri!
(Radio) Hunter: Oh? The kiddo is also here?
(Radio) Hunter: Now, you've probably guessed it, I've captured AR15.
SOPMOD II: You bastard!
(Radio) Hunter: Hmm, just part of the hunting plan.
(Radio) Hunter: G&K don't have the ability to assault my positions, it's pointless to continue this stalemate.
(Radio) Hunter: Surrender yourself to me M4A1. Then AR15 will be released.
(Radio) Hunter: Now, some proof...

Scene 3-5-4

AR15: Don't listen to her M4! This is all my ow--
(Radio) Hunter: After hearing this speech, I believe you will make the correct decision.
(Radio) Hunter: The other G&K Androids won't be able to take my command post, they can not help you.
(Radio) Hunter: Decide quickly, G&K didn't leave much time or us.