Story/Normal 3-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-4-2

...Ferri offensive forces on the retreat, mission accomplished.
SOPMOD II: Ferri retreating, I did it!
M4A1: WE did it, SOP-II, this is a group effort.
SOPMOD II: Well I was part of it, Commander please say I did a good job!
M4A1: (sigh) Already attached to the Commander, was my leading skills that bad.
SOPMOD II: Ooh, M4 is jealous?
SOPMOD II: At least, I think the Commander is more reliable.
M4A1: Ok, then keep up the good work under Commander's orders.
SOPMOD II: Roger! I do what I'm told!
SOPMOD II: As long... As I get to shred that "Hunter", I'll do whatever the Commander asks me to!
M4A1: "Hunter"?
SOPMOD II: SP721 "Hunter", from the Intel AR15 found, she is the Ferri leader of this sector.
M4A1: Then... Where is AR15?
SOPMOD II: AR-15... To cover my escape, she went after "Hunter" on her own.
SOPMOD II: Commander, "Hunter" is a crafty one, AR15 won't last much longer on her own!

Scene 3-4-3

...Ferri command post
AR15: ...
Hunter: Over already? I thought you would have a plan, for a suicidal attack.
AR15: Everyone is in dire situations because of my mistake, if I can fix this on my own...
Hunter: AR Team, G&K Android Unit that can operate solo without human commands, and you are a member of the team.
Hunter: Data base says you are smart and without mercy, and these are your actions?
Hunter: And there I thought we had something in common, disappointing...
AR15: Looks like Ferri data base is in dire need of updating.
Hunter: It will be, once the prey is capture, all the problems will be resolved.
AR15: M4A1... Why do you guys want her so much!
Hunter: That would be irrelevant AR15. However you will be the lure for M4, she will show up, now that is relevant.
AR15: ...
Hunter: Now pay the price for your rash actions, AR15.
Hunter: The real hunter, remains silent.