Story/Normal 3-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-3-2

Under the cover of our forces, M4A1 safely arrived at the rendezvous point...
M4A1: AR15, SOP-II, M4A1 in position at the target destination, and you two?
SOPMOD II: Over here, M4!
SOPMOD II: Hahahaha, Yes!!
SOPMOD II: You had me so worried these past days!
M4A1: Phew... As long as you're safe, SOP II, where AR15?
M4A1: ...? What happened to AR15?
SOPMOD II: M4 listen to me, don't freak out.
SOPMOD II: Our communication is being monitored by a Ferri Leader, I don't know how...
SOPMOD II: To disrupt their pursuit, AR15 is buying time for us.
M4A1: Buying time? Buying time for what?
SOPMOD II: They... They've moved out, towards your command post.
M4A1: Eh? You mean... The Ferri?
SOPMOD II: Yes, the local Ferri Leader has started their operation.
SOPMOD II: Take me back to your command, I will explain everything!