Story/Normal 3-2 (Part1)/Script

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赫丽安: 指挥官,M4A1向我提交了AR小组其他成员的情况。

Helian: Commander, M4A1 has submitted the situation of other members of the AR squad to me.

赫丽安: 总部希望你去接应她们,而我们也会提供一定的情报支援。

Helian: The HQ want you to pick them up. We will also provide you with intelligence support.

赫丽安: 只有占领关闭当地的铁血通信站,才能保证AR小组顺利撤离。

Helian: To ensure a smooth evacuation, we have to take and shut down the local SF communication outpost.

赫丽安: 指挥官,占领通信站的同时,请上传其中的数据,可能会有当地头目的情报。

Helian: Commander, while attacking the communication outpost, upload the data in the system. There might be intel about their local leader.

赫丽安: 好了,请出发吧,祝你们行动顺利。

Helian: That's it, move out and wish you a successful operation.