Story/Normal 3-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-1-1 Grifon Sector S09 Tactical Command Post...

Helian (through communicator): The mission went smoothly. Congratulations, Commander.
Helian: I'm on my way to collect the after-action report.
Helian: Firstly, you've managed to kill the Executioner, and the area has been cleared of enemies. This in itself is impressive.
Helian: But that's not all, you've recovered M4A1 and uploaded her memory banks. Headquarters will begin analyzing the data as soon as possible.
Helian: Right now, we should focus on advancing the lines, in order to drive any remaining local enemy forces.

[Background changes to a tactical overview.]

Helian: Due to protocol restrictions, Grifon can't use it's main force in this operation.
Helian: We need you to open up the road through this area. You should prepare yourself for some special operations later on.