Story/Normal 2-6 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-6-1 side of the battlefield.

M4A1: What's wrong, executioner, seems like an unexpected situation happened.

Executioner: Che, how...

Executioner: Griffon's T-doll raided my command center before their HQ had given orders, how surprising...

M4A1: That's because there's a Human commander. He/She can mobilize Griffon's echelons independently.

Executioner: You ... were waiting for this all along?

M4A1: Just a gamble.

M4A1: I didn't have any other choices but to trust them.

M4A1: Now, let's discuss "your end".

Executioner: End? You don't think this is the end now, do you?

Executioner: Even if you hide among Griffon's echelons, we still have other ways to find you.

M4A1: What?

Executioner: Don't you forget, you still have 3 squad mates left on the battlefield...

Executioner: You and I both know that they are fine bargaining chips...

Scene 2-6-2

M4A1: ...

...M4A1 pulls the trigger

M4A1: You shouldn't have mentioned them, Sangvis trash.

Executioner: hmph... doesn't matter...

Exe: You know, we won't ... disappear... easily...

... 5 minutes later

T-doll echelon arrive on extraction site.

Scene 2-6-3

M4A1: ...

M4A1: Is it you... commander? (are you my master?)

M4A1: You're ... the commander that Miss Helianthus mentioned?

M4A1: Sorry... allow me to introduce myself.

M4A1: My universal number is M4A1, please refer to me as such.

M4A1: I am a T-doll of Griffon, attached to the special AR squad. Due to certain reasons, I am now being hunted by Sangvis.

M4A1: Miss Persica had told me that a commander would be coming to aid me.

M4A1: She said the code is...

M4A1: Mmmmm ... 'sugar cube'?

M4A1: That is correct, and thank you for the timely rescue.

M4A1: Right now I only have one request...

Scene 2-6-4

...please save us