Story/Normal 2-6 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 2-6-1


Helian: Commander, I believe you have some sort of conjecture too.


Helian: This SF invasion on S09 was definitely not a conflict that broke out randomly.


Helian: As a matter of fact, the head of SF is searching for a M4A1 T-doll.


Helian: She is a member of Grifon's AR tactical squad. She has been previously hired by Persica from 16LAB research facility to perform data gathering experiment.


Helian: According to our intel, the digimind within her, also known as memory cell, might carry important classified intel.


Helian: M4A1 is currently MIA in S09. We must retrieve her ASAP.


Helian: However, due to some type of agreement, we can not publicly interfere with this incident.


Helian: After discussion, Grifon headquarter decided to assign this mission to you.

Scene 2-6-2


Helian: Search area S09 district T6 immediately. Find her before SF do and keep her safe --

赫丽安:当地的铁血头目,已证实产品编号为SP524 "Executioner",是通称为”刽子手“的铁血高级人形。

Helian: The leader of local SF forces has been confirmed to be product number SP524 "Executioner". It is the advanced SF T-doll known as Executioner. .


Helian: Although it is obvious that her current target is [巨蜥], you will be attack upon if you approach her without caution. Please be careful.


Helian: Capture the enemy command post as fast as you can, interrupt their communication channel, and then find M4A1.


Helian: This mission is of great significance commander. Grifon executives has high hopes for you.


Helian: Don't let us down. Start the operation.