Story/Normal 2-1 (Part1)/Script

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Grifon S09 Tactical Command Post......

Scene 2-1-1
Helian: ...Come to think of it, what happened back then was quite dangerous, thankfully no one was injured.
Helian: Unfortunately the memory banks of that Sangvis Ferri were completely destroyed, and we are only able to restore small bits of data.
Helian: I need to arrange a report right now, and I need a favour from you.
Scene 2-1-2
Helian: "Process number 835492660223": this is one of the important pieces of information that we've restored.
Helian: Based on the intel's analysis, there are coordinates of a location hidden within that code. Please investigate its surrounding locations.
Helian: Report to me immediately when you encounter any signs of suspicious activity.