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M4 SOPMOD II: RO, do you read me?
We’ve basically finished scanning the sewer areas.

Fairy: How about that, I’m awesome, right?

RO635: Any new leads, besides those white bastards?

M4 SOPMOD II: I found a few hidden rooms with all sorts of guns inside. If they all belong to our source, then he’s really well-prepared...

RO635: Still, against those white enemies, guns alone are nowhere near enough…
How about the source himself?

M4 SOPMOD II: I picked up human-like heat signatures, but they were gone by the time the fairy flew over. Given their disposition, he seems they seem to be approaching the central gate area, so the white enemies will take a while before they catch up with him.

RO635: They’re definitely not in their right minds, they must have a leader behind them… SOP2, have you spotted any Nytos?

M4 SOPMOD II: Nope. The fairy made a thorough scan of the area. We didn’t pick up any contacts from Nyto-like signals.

RO635: Looks like there’s no need for them to use Nytos here...

M4 SOPMOD II: What should we do now?
Should we get to the source before the white enemies do?

RO635: This area’s too closed-off. Even if we find him first, the white enemies will definitely catch up with us and a firefight will be inevitable.
We don’t just need more forces, we also need HWT support.

M4 SOPMOD II: In the sewers?

RO635: In the sewers.

M4 SOPMOD II: Alright… let’s just hope the other echelons can get into the city on time...
If we don’t have support, it’ll be down to me, the fairy, and you.

Fairy: Leave it to me!

RO635: You have to believe in the Commander. I’m already transmitting the map and simulation data to him.
After this, all we can do is wait for the Commander’s orders.
I hope the source’s information was worth us running around all day...

M4 SOPMOD II: Speaking of which, do you know what the Commander’s doing now?
I’d feel more at ease if the Commander was leading us in person...

RO635: Quit complaining, I’m sure the Commander has more important work to do. Or do you mean he’s just abandoned us to sip a cappuccino in some cafe?

[At the same time, in a certain cafe in Belgrade.]

Waitress: Hello, here’s your venti cappuccino, warm as requested. Please enjoy yourself.

[I nodded, and accepted the cup.]
[I tested its temperature, which was just nice. It was just as warm as I used to make it before I joined Griffin.]
[After the waitress turned to leave, I slowly sampled it.]
[Having spent so long drinking instant coffee, the sensation of freshly-ground coffee entering my mouth refreshed my soul the way a dried-up sponge took up clear water.]
[The combination of this psychological effect and the caffeine worked to steady my heart.]

Kalina: I checked already.
I didn’t expect there to be no news at all about that incident, even after it was blown up so much… don’t tell me nobody wants to bother about this?

Commander: They’re still capable of this much information control. What’s important is whether they followed up on it.

Kalina: You mean this doesn’t quite suit their style?

Commander: It doesn’t suit anyone’s style.

[I turned to look at the cafe TV, which was showing the news.]

TV News: According to the plan announced by the spokesperson for the New Union of Soviet Socialist Republic's Foreign Affairs Department, Vasiliy Vasiliyevich Roshchin ー the New Soviet Union's representative to the ERMAC ー will meet with Mirko Milosevic of the European Reconstruction Mutual Aid Council in 3 days’ time and begin talks in the southern city of Belgrade.
When we spoke to Representative Roshchin before his interview, he said, “Ah, this meeting will not just discuss cooperation between both unions, but we will also talk about how to solve problems stemming from regional conflicts…”
“We will do our best to restore peace and justice, and maintain the people’s dignity and inviolability...”

TV News: Now, for our next itemー

TV News: A social security official revealed during an interview that lifestyle allocations for Class 5 citizens would be lowered over the next three months… that comment sparked a new round of protests, and apparently there are three regionsー

Kalina: Looks like not everyone’s having a good time even if they do live in the cities...

[I didn’t respond to Kalina’s statement. My terminal showed me that the other four batches of dolls had entered the city through other train stations.]
[I looked into the distance, at one of the freight ferries on the distant Danube River, slowly making its way into port. It was Serial Number 52318. Our remaining heavy weapons were on that ship.]
[It would seem Harvey’s help was being put to use. Now the only thing left was…]

[Beep… beep…]

[I received the map RO sent me, and her account of what had happened.]

Commander: Now… the only thing left is the source who can tie everything together.

Kalina: What did you say, Commander?
Today was really tiring. I hope this is the last step.

Commander: Kalina, we’re heading out.

Kalina: Eh!? We’re going just like that? I haven’t even finished my cake!