Story/Normal 11-5 (Part2)/Script

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[Bangbang! Bangbang!]


RO635: Much quieter now.
As I thought, this isn’t a simple storage device. This place is connected to a larger database.

[RO635 opens the door to the room beyond.]

???: Please do not proceed any further.

RO635: A new barrier, huh… looks like the job won’t end so easily.

???: …

RO635: Why… is it you?

Maid: …

RO635: Are you the digimind backup for that maid… using you as a final authentication for the storage device is kind of wasteful.

Maid: Anyone who arrives here that I do not recognize must be an enemy.

RO635: So I guess we’ll have to fight in the end, after all...

Maid: But I do recognize you, so you are not an enemy.

Maid: ...
I was sequestered in this database to await the coming of the other me.
I was to wait for her to claim these memories… and then do what she ought to do.
But it would seem she will not be coming after all.

RO635: You’re not the digimind from back then? ...But there shouldn’t have been any data uploads to maintain secrecy when her digimind melted down.
Is this just a backup…?
Ah… maid-san, may I know how you recognized me?

Maid: We simply carry out our master’s orders.
If this is what she wished for then, then we will have no regrets, no matter what happens.
Take it… this information was promised to you.

RO635: For me? ...What is this?

Maid: I hope it will help you. Now, please return. The realm beyond is not a place where you should tread.

RO635: Ah, wait, Iー

M4 SOPMOD II: RO? Are you awake?

RO635: Was I chased out by that maid… And the storage device is broken too...

M4 SOPMOD II: Chased out? Did your digimind get burned?

RO635: Of course not! Also, my digimind is in my chest, what are you touching my head for!?

M4 SOPMOD II: I was just worried about you! So, any clues?

RO635: The maid’s digimind backup was in there. She gave me this data...

M4 SOPMOD II: This is… a startup code and a structural blueprint?

RO635: It’s a blueprint for this room. Look at the bottom.

M4 SOPMOD II: It’s an escape passage! Does it link all the way to the city’s sewers?

RO635: That’s right, and the switch ought to be here…!

[RO walks to a corner and pats the bottom of a bonsai. An interface port reveals itself, and RO pulls out her terminal and connects to it.]

RO635: Looks like the startup code is correct too. It should work now.


[The equipment-filled table slowly slides aside, revealing a small passage that can barely fit a single person.]

RO635: Open Sesame. Looks like we’re getting closer to our objective.