Story/Normal 11-1 (Part2)/Script

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RO635: That should do it… cracking complete!

M4 SOPMOD II: Huh? That fast!?

RO635: Well, it’s just an old model of service doll, it’s simple enough.

[2 hours ago, in the Green Zone Pauper’s District.]

[SOP2 sighs long and loud.]

M4 SOPMOD II: Aw… we couldn’t find any clues in her visual records either...

[The maid doll in the distance suddenly blinks to wakefulness, then leaves in confusion.]

M4 SOPMOD II: Bye bye, cute little maid-san.
Ah… this is the 555th one already…
How many dolls’ records do we have to check before there’s any hope for this mission?

M4 SOPMOD II: We went one big circle… and then we came back again...
Commander, are you sure the source we’re looking for is in this area?

RO635: Quit complaining, the Commander only has a photograph to go on. Given our status now, we’d best not act too openly.
All we can do now is try and find traces of that person through doll visual records.
Still, this is much easier than the missions I used to do. Sometimes I’d have to spend a month lying up to observe a suspect.

M4 SOPMOD II: But my main function isn’t observing suspects...

[SOP2 waggles her cybernetic arm and then suddenly expands it.]

M4 SOPMOD II: Kachak! Take a look, cool, huh!

RO635: Yes yes, now put that scary arm of yours away.

M4 SOPMOD II: Ahhhhh, it’s so boring!
Besides, it’s just too hard to find our targets by checking doll records! Isn’t there a more efficient way to do this?

RO635: Hm… there might be a way to gather more information, but it might be crossing the line a little.
And the Commander did tell us not to expose ourselves...

M4 SOPMOD II: There’s no point in not exposing ourselves if we don’t complete the mission. We’re not here to be tourists!

RO635: You’ve got a point. In that case, we’ll have to borrow just a bit of this city’s strength.