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[The Commander’s forces plunge into the SF cordon, and the AR Team struggle to break out while huddled in a trench.]

RO635: M4, we can’t hold out any longer! What about the Commander?

M4A1: The Commander’s forces haven’t showed up yet! Hang in there a little more!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: There;s no time! SF troops are right in front of us, we can’t hold them off!
Now... All I can do now is--!

M4A1: SOP2, don’t be rash-

[Bang! Bang!]
[Several Griffin dolls suddenly show up from the rear and fight off the pursuing SF units.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Reinforcements! The Commander’s reinforcements!

Passionate Doll In Fancy Clothes: Buon giorno! (How are you!)
Everyone, didn’t we arrive in the nick of time?

[She somersaults into the trench and helps everyone fight off SF’s next attack.]

Downbeat Doll In Fancy Clothes: I felt we showed up too early..

M4A1: No, you came just in time!
But, you’re-

RO635: The Carcano Sisters, right? I heard the Commander mention you before!

Strawberry Carcano: I’m Carcano M1938, call me Cano!
And this is my little sister, Carcano 91/38. You can call her Ceno.

Grape Carcano: Pleased to meet you, M4A1-san and the other members of the AR Team.

Strawberry Carcano: Sorry, my sister’s too shy and doesn’t dare speak the truth. Please forgive her.

M4A1: I’m grateful to you and your sister, Cano!
But where’s the Commander? Didn’t the rest of the unit make it?

Grape Carcano: The Commander ran into some SF, and they’re blocking him outside.

Strawberry Carcano: The Commander barely managed to force a gap in the encirclement, but Judge and her troops were too strong!
We’ll hold off their attacks, just go!

M4A1: Everyone, we’re running to the gap! Hurry!
Keep running and don’t stop-


M4A1: …!
No… please, you all, no...

[M4A1 suddenly becomes unsteady on her feet.]

RO635: M4! I’m picking up a large number of links pointing to you!
Someone’s trying to force a connection with your neural cloud...

M4 SOPMODⅡ: M4… What’s wrong with you, M4!

RO635: …!

[M4 passes out and collapses to the ground.]

Strawberry Carcano: Oi oi, what happened to her!?

RO635: M4’s neural cloud was subjected to the shock of a large number of queries, and she passed out.

Grape Carcano: The gap’s going to close up soon, time for a change of plans?

RO635: We can’t get out while carrying M4! There ought to be a safehouse around here!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Over there! We’ll duck in there first!

RO635: SOP2, contact the Commander, Cano-san, please defend this position at all costs!

Strawberry Carcano: Leave it to us!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: RO, is M4 going to be alright?
RO? RO, where are you going?

RO635: I’m taking M4 to the safehouse to try and break the connections.
I’m entrusting our safety to you and the Commander.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: RO! Wait a minute, RO!

[RO is too late to hear, and she carries M4A1 into the safehouse.]
[And then closes the door behind her.]


[20 months ago, in a contested region of Sector S00.]

M4A1: The time now is 0559, and the weather isn’t bad.

M16A1: Let’s begin, M4.

M4A1: This is… a record I’ve seen before…
A record… we took back from Safehouse No. 3…


M4A1: How’s this arrangement?

???: It’s good, let’s go with it.

M4A1: This voice is...

???: M4A1, go contact Persica.
I’m going to set up the operations center.

M4A1: Was there... a voice like this before?
Do I… know this voice?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: You’re putting up those fancy decorations again?

???: I will never compromise on my sense of beauty in any aspect..

AR15: Why are human beings so lame...

M16A1: Haha, doesn’t that mean civilian dolls are the lame legacy of humans?

M4A1: All the AR Team members recognize that voice…
What on earth… is that voice…?

???: Th voice is the sign that you’ve broken your shackles.

M4A1: …!
You again…
Did you bring me here?

Clear Woman's Voice: That’s because you need me now.

M4A1: I don’t need you! I… I was just about to escape!

Clear Woman's Voice: And where would you flee?
Back to the humans? To once again become a toy to be puppeted by others?

M4A1: What’s so bad about that!? I’m satisfied with that much.

Clear Woman's Voice: Are you really satisfied? You clearly have a lot of regrets…
Those… your failures, the friends of yours you couldn’t save...

M4A1: How do you… know this...

Clear Woman's Voice: “That child” told me. “She” told me that you’re not like them.
And you can never be like them again.
Because… you’ve already awoken.

M4A1: What are you talking about… awakening?

Clear Woman's Voice: Griffin doll M4A1.
You can now shrug off the bonds which mankind has placed on you.
They… those humans will never be able to fully control you again.

M4A1: Bonds…?

Clear Woman's Voice: But that is not yet enough. Your digimind… is not sufficiently liberated.
A greater… a greater shock is necessary.

M4A1: A greater shock… what are you going to do?

Clear Woman's Voice: I will link your thoughts with “hers’”
Until you both become more… complete.

M4A1: I don’t understand… I don’t even know who you are.
Even now, I still don’t know...

Clear Woman's Voice: You will find out as long as you walk with me.
Keep walking.
Come, M4A1.
We still have a long time together.
And it’s not like you have anything else to do, am I right?