Story/Normal 10-5 (Part1)/Script

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[Griffin is currently following behind the army en route to SF’s core fortress.]

M4A1: Commander, the fighting in the area which Yegor marked is extremely intense.
No, it’s not because they’ve met resistance, but rather, the army’s advance is incredibly swift.
They’ve deployed armored units. SF keeps retreating and the army keeps pursuing.
However, the military units are far more mobile than we are, and if this keeps up the flanks will soon be left open...

RO635: Our mission is to cover their flanks, but we can’t keep up with their rate of advance.
The longer the formation becomes, the easier it’s broken, I’m worried...

M4A1: You’re worried that this is SF’s plan?

RO635: The operation is going very smoothly thanks to the military dolls leading the way, but I’m bothered by SF’s actions.
I feel… they’re more purposeful than in the past. It’s like they’re continually probing the reactions of the army and Griffin.

M4A1: Indeed, but the army doesn’t care. SF can’t do anything in the face of those powerful dolls.

RO635: But we do. And that’s the problem. It’s all going too well.
In particular, SF hasn’t even deployed a single high-level ringleader, and we can’t even see the military units ahead of us any more.

M4A1: Indeed. Commander, should we contact Yegor-

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Reporting! SF launched an ambush on the flanks!
The army units are still charging ahead! At this rate we’re going to be cut off by SF!

RO635: Oi oi, that’s too soon!

M4A1: And I’m certain the army won’t turn back to protect us.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: The SF attack isn’t too fierce, we should be able to handle it.
Only, if this keeps up, the army will leave us behind.

M4A1: Since this concerns our cover mission, should we seek the opinion of the army, Commander?

Kalina: I’m contacting them now!

[Yegor joins the transmission.]

Yegor: So you’re staying behind to deal with SF? Is this all Griffin’s elites can do?
If you can’t keep up, our unit will lose its covering force. Can you bear the responsibility for any unnecessary losses that arise as a result?

Kalina: Eh? Hold on please, Captain Yegor!
I mean no disrespect, but perhaps you’re being too harsh!
No matter what, having to go from defending to having to catch up over and over again is too...

Yegor: Tch, that’s civilian militias for you...

M4A1: Commander! Please send us out!
The AR Team has the highest autonomy of all Griffin units, and if we meet any incapacitated military units like before, we can reactivate them to help defend the army units!

Yegor: That is a solution. It seems some dolls’ digiminds have their moments of inspiration too.

M4A1: Thank you. Please relay the battlefield data to our Commander. We’ll deploy right away!

Yegor: The AR Team, is it? I’ll mark a safe route for you. Don’t be late.

M4A1: Understood. We’ll take a detachment of dolls with us to the target area.

[5 minutes later.]

Kalina: We’re letting the AR Team move independently again… for some reason it seems terribly dangerous...

M4A1: The Commander can’t complete his mission if we don’t take risks.
There’s no victory without sacrifice. Surely the Commander thinks that too.

Kalina: If the Commander agrees...

M4A1: Then there’s no problem.
According to the recon reports, the path that the army has given is indeed very safe. We’ll detour around SF blocking units and make haste towards the combat zone to support the army.
Commander, we’ll leave the fighting here to you. Please defeat the SF ambushers and protect everyone.