Story/Normal 10-4 (Part2)/Script

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[The SF attackers have been destroyed,and Griffin succeeds in protecting the military anti-jamming equipment.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Amazing! They took care of the SF forces so quickly!
RO, is this the power of military dolls?

RO635: Oh? SOP2, even you think they’re impressive?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Well, in terms of firepower and mobility and other such hard data, they’re very powerful.
However… they’re not entirely without weaknesses.

RO635: So you already spotted it, I expected nothing less of you, SOP2.
Still, given the power of these military units, surely stomping SF flat shouldn’t be a problem, right?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Even so, I don’t want to miss the fun of capturing the Mastermind.
Especially… especially since M16 might still be in their hands...

RO635: SOP2…
M4’s coming...

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Ah, M4! You did great work out there!

M4A1: As long as you’re alright.
The Commander’s asking about the next mission. We might have to move out right away. Will that be alright?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: No problem! I’ve been waiting for this!

M4A1: RO…

RO635: Yes…?

M4A1: I want… to apologize…
I thought of how I treated you badly earlier. That was because my digimind was in a terrible state.
Thank you for your support. I couldn’t have finished this command mission without it.

RO635: Oh… you’re welcome.
Still, there’s no need to apologize. I’ve already forgotten what happened earlier, haha...

M4A1: You think boldly, your senses are keen, and you’re always full of energy.
The AR Team is honored to have you with us.

RO635: Eh… haha, really? I still have a lot to learn, please take care of me...

M4A1: I’m sorry you had to join us at a terrible time like this.
SOP2 already sent me your previous combat records. You really are an excellent doll.
Therefore, I believe in you, much like M16 believed in you. You’re officially a member of the team now.

RO635: I believe in you too, M4A1, and I’ll take your orders.
Also, please don’t think I’m being too naggy if I’m stubborn about providing suggestions when they’re needed.

M4A1: Yes, please do…
(Please, support me and guide me like AR15 and M16 did.)

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Aren’t we missing a welcome ceremony? Shall we wait until we take out the Mastermind?

RO635: I don’t mind. Besides, it won’t take long.

[It’s a message from the Commander.]

M4A1: Your directions please, Commander.
You want us to follow behind the military echelons?
Understood, we’ll move out right away.
Yes, the AR Team will be travelling together.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Are we going to sortie?

M4A1: Yeah, the military’s making their advance on SF’s core fortress.
We need to follow behind them and protect their flanks.

RO635: An escort mission? Can our transportation really keep up with the speed of military dolls?

M4A1: It can’t be helped, those are our orders. Let’s hurry.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Let’s go! There’s no mission we can’t complete as long as we’re together!

M4A1: (As long as we’re together… huh…)

M4 SOPMODⅡ: M4, what’s wrong?

M4A1: It’s nothing… let’s head out.

Clear Woman's Voice: Congratulations.
This time, nobody had to sacrifice themselves for you.

M4A1: This is only the first step.
But will there be a day when I become like Yegor… willing to sacrifice everything for victory?

Clear Woman's Voice: There is no victory without sacrifice. But if your digimind is strong, fewer sacrifices will be needed.

M4A1: Yes… I must become stronger…
If I’m like that… as long as I’m like that, I can...