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[Half an hour later.]

Kalina: Commander! It’s Captain Yegor, their operational forces are in position and they’re hailing us. Shall I connect you to the field HQ?
Alright! Beginning transmission!

Yegor: Griffin Commander, army units have begun entering the Parapluie saturation zone.
We are now deploying anti-interference equipment to counteract the effects of Parapluie. Once the equipment is deployed, Parapluie will lose all infective and jamming properties.
I need your forces to protect this equipment and ensure it is successfully deployed.

Kalina: What will the military dolls be doing during this time?

Yegor: They’re pushing into the enemy heartlands right now. I believe I have found suitable work for both of us. Any objections?
...None. Good.
SF forces have detected our equipment and are currently encircling them. Your forces must destroy them as soon as possible.

Kalina: Commander… won’t it be a little hard to take on this mission by ourselves?

Yegor: This is an order. You must carry it out.

[Captain Yegor ends the transmission.]

Kalina: Talk about being pushy…
Ah! A message from the AR Team!

M4A1: Commander, we’ve reached the coordinates you gave us. I’ll let RO explain the details to you.

RO635: Commander! We’ve verified the presence of incapacitated military units near the anti-jamming equipment!
By the look of things, they were electronically subverted by SF and then forcibly taken offline.

Kalina: So you found them after all? Wonderful!

RO635: I had SOP2 retrieve a transmissions repeater that was wrecked by SF. Perhaps we could use it to take back control over those military dolls.
If the army is willing to let us use them to protect the anti-jamming devices, it would make our mission a lot easier...

Kalina: Yes, Commander! I’ll patch Captain Yegor onto the frequency!

M4A1: Captain Yegor?

Yegor: It seems you’ve begun your work.

M4A1: Thank you for your earlier assistance! I now have a new request!
We found some incapacitated military units, if we could...

Yegor: I know about your situation.
We have already left the vicinity of the equipment and cannot control these dolls to provide you with support.

RO635: We simply need you to activate basic fire control programs!
If they could give us just a little fire support...

Yegor: It cannot be done.

RO635: M4A1, what do we do now...

M4A1: Captain Yegor, if you do not object, may we… borrow them?

RO635: Eh?

M4A1: If nobody from the army can command them, then we’ll command them. I’m sure you don’t want to see SF wreck the anti-jamming equipment, do you, Captain?

Yegor: …
Very well.
In the first place, those dolls were tools to offset SF’s electronic intrusion. They were disposable assets from the beginning.
You may use them as you see fit. Although I doubt your technology is capable of doing so.

Kalina: In that case… can our Commander direct them?

Yegor: The Griffin Commander must focus on protecting the anti-jamming equipment. That is an order.
You may use your own discretion for everything else.

[5 minutes later.]

RO635: Eh? Are you sure?
Are you really going to force a connection to those military dolls?

M4A1: There’s no other way. If the anti-jamming equipment is destroyed, it will hinder the entire attack plan.
RO, we have little chance of victory. We need to explore any possibility that presents itself.

RO635: I understand… theoretically speaking they should be compatible through the Zener Protocol.
But that’ll put incredible strain on your digimind. Can you bear it?

M4A1: Don’t worry about me. Do what you ought to do.

RO635: M4, I was made to worry about you.
Before I saw you, I always wondered what kind of a doll you were, but now I see that you’re completely different from what I imagined.

M4A1: Better or worse?

RO635: SOP2 always said you were a very gentle doll, but to me, you’re much stronger than you look.

M4A1: Gentle, you say...

RO635: Maybe you’re not the same as you used to be.
But no matter what you used to be in the past, right now you’re better suited for the battlefield, and better suited to be team leader.

M4A1: ...Thank you. How are the preparations for the connection?

RO635: They’re finished. M4A1, are you sure you’re ready?

M4A1: Absolutely.

RO635: Then let’s begin.
During the Battle (after reaching the radar station)

RO635: M4, I’m going to activate the repeater device.
Once I connect, you have to use your command module to awaken those dolls. Can you hear me?

[Beep, beep, beep.]

M4A1: Ahhhhh!

RO635: Focus, M4! Don’t let the information stream disrupt your digimind!

M4A1: I’m trying!

RO635: Now, M4! Awaken them!


Military dolls: Authentication complete. Awaiting orders.

RO635: It worked! M4, you did it!

M4A1: *panting* Hah… hah…
Whew… finally…
Although… I only managed to activate them. I still need to familiarize myself with commanding them.
RO, you and SOP2 head behind the anti-jamming gear. Keep an eye on the enemy’s movements at all times, and take care to protect yourselves.
Commander, the military dolls have been activated and they’re currently responding well.
I’ll provide cover for your forces in the area. Please protect the military anti-jamming devices!